Success? Too early to tell.

It’s only been a week…has it even been a week?  that I’ve been on and I feel pretty good.  At least I am able to control something, right?  There is so little I have control of it is a relief to have this.

It’s not perfect.  I would like to be better at it but I like to see what I’m eating that isn’t great.  I like to see what I need to do better at.

I was thinking on the way home from work today, as I ate Atlanta Bread Company potato chips in the cartumblr_m2l0tlEXI21r3e62yo1_500

(I was starving) I could actually hear that Today Show chick’s voice, you know, the Doctor chick who is always telling us how bad we are at everything we do.  Especially how we eat.  I could hear her telling me how bad those chips were. I don’t even like chips!!    She is not my favorite person. I think she has a lot of good information though so I’ll move on.  Damn her.

***update***ugh.  I just read her biography online and she seems like such a nice person with a great story about her dad.  I’m a sucker for dad stories.  I may decide to like her.  Dammit.

Truth be told, my body really really craves lots of veggies.  Random, if you know me.  I want them in my eggs, my tortillas, everything. I want lots of veggies.  They are just so high maintenance.  I want a chef to come over and cut up veggies for me all the time.

Don’t get me wrong…I still crave my sugar. My co worker and dearest friend in the WHOLE WORLD (see what I did there?  maybe she’ll do it again if I butter her up…ha.  She doesn’t even read this) made me Divinity!  I haven’t had Divinity since I was like…10.  I ate a billion pieces and I may die happy.  It was delicious.  I missed it so much.

I was born to eat sugar and anyone that argues that does not know me AT.ALL.

But I balance it with veggies.  Delicious.