Sweet List

1.  Exercise is on target so far.  I mean…I’m hanging in there.  Any falling apart doesn’t seem to be the fault of hypothyroidism.  It was the cat.

2.  Running with Miss Reggie was super fun.  I had a great time and I’m really looking forward to running with her on a regular basis.

3.  It rained.

4.  I bought a new watch.  Alarm and light.  Pretty cool…

5.  I ordered two new dresses from Target.  I’m out of control. I’ve never worn this many dresses in my life.  I’m such a girl!

6.  Sean tweaked my phone and it may work now.  Holy smokes. Let’s not get our hopes up.

7.  Shaughnessy did some updates on my blog including a name change.  I think it’s beautiful.  And yes…Michelle is still here.  She’s just a busy mom.

8.  I’ve decided to go zip lining.  We were headed there today but the budget insists on next week.  Still, I’m pretty excited. I hope I get to go.

9.  I get my hair done, which means I get to see Miss Anna and her girls today.  AND a great workout.  What makes for a better day…nothing.  Just nothing.

10.  New workout clothes.  Just shorts and a tank but really…how easily amused am I?  I used my Christmas bonus*

11.  My hair is growing out so I can do more things with it. Not a lot of things…but more things.

12.  Eliot said, “love you”.  *melt*

13.  I enjoyed Hot Tamales today.  That is all.


2 Replies to “Sweet List”

  1. I love what Shaughnessy did to your blog and she did a great job on mine as well! How cool I made #2 on the list! I’m excited too 🙂

  2. I LOVE your blog. It’s so pretty! She never gives herself enough credit but she is so good at this.

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