Sunday blues. :(

So here is my Sunday.  The irony after my Saturday Sweet list!

1.  The cat had nothing to do with this weekend.  It was purely me. And the weather.  No workout all day Saturday, with the intention of running in the evening.  TORRENTIAL rains killed that.

2.  The rain I loved on Saturday??  Seriously…it didn’t stop raining and killed our internet for like…6 hours.

3.  We are re thinking zip lining I think because it is probably time for the vehicle to be traded in. One or the other…budget.  One or the other.

4. Anna (my hairdresser) had a late issue and I didn’t get to see her girls.  So sad.  I was looking forward to it.  Collins and Kenna will have to wait.  🙁

5.  Only the shorts worked with the new workout clothes.  Gave the shirt to Shaughnessy.  She looks way better than I do.

6.  Anna cut my hair a tad shorter than I was expecting.  Now…in all fairness I always tell her she can never go too short.  But this time…I can’t really put it up anymore.  It just looks ridiculous.  And curling it looks a little silly too.  Have to start new.  Bummer. tumblr

7.  No Hot Tamales.

8.  And the grand finale…When I got ready for my run tonight, my iPod failed completely.  After yelling at the computer for a significant amount of time (mostly in my head but a little out loud) …Zooey GIF

I determined I think it needs a factory reset but I can’t get it to work.  Sean needs to do it.  It’s totally jacked up.  Hopefully not dead forever.  I need an iPod for sure.  No joke there.

***update*** Sean came home and fixed it in 2.3 seconds.  I can’t tell you how irritating that is.  I’m incredibly grateful but it’s so irritating.  I have got to write this down so I remember how to fix it.  Damn the iTunes Bastards.