Comics, running and a little motivation.

Now there’s a good day.

The Oatmeal.

It is awesome and speaks the truth.  I loved it so much I thought it absolutely necessary to repost it here.  What a great read.  I wish I had the whole thing framed.   Click on it for the whole story from The Oatmeal.  It will make you happy.


It took me forever to get up the ambition to run tonight.  This is what so many days of NOT running does to me.  A subject well covered in this little corner of our internets. 😉  But run I did.  I threw out three miles just to say I could and it felt so much better I can’t wait for tomorrow’s run.

And that’s how it’s done.

Meanwhile, I got going so late, I didn’t want to go in the dark (shout out to you, Mom).  So I ran on the treadmill.  MT asked me, “are you really going to watch ‘The Closer’ AND read??”  Yes.  Yes I am.  Don’t anyone ever try to tell me I don’t multitask again.  Here’s a little peek at my corner of the running world when I’m in the house running…not with quiet feet.  *for those of you that remember my mantra*

038Exciting, I know.  But there you go.  I run.  I read. I watch my computer.  *thanks to Amazonprime*

And for your motivation pleasure this evening may I present :

This one is a little dear to my heart because I want to climb Mt Everest.  Just to base camp but hey…I want to.  It’s doable.  What the hey.  So yeah.  What’s your excuse?