The end of me.

I ran with Reggie.

She may be the death of me.

That chick runs too fast.

I KNOW.  There really is no such thing.  But there IS.  I’m a slow bunny.

My first mile is almost ALWAYS an 11 minute mile or near.  It’s that warm up…holy smokes why do I have to live in Aurora where everything is uphill dammit…mile.  It’s not until halfway through mile two I start to really feel faster and ready to take on the ten minute mile and faster.  I can get down to the 9:30 but I’m in no hurry so…why bother?

Yeah.  Unless I’m with Miss Reggie.

capture18Then apparently I have to run a lot faster.

That second  mile?  We walked up a hill.  Yep.  That 10:04 was with a walk break.

She’s gonna kill me yet.

So I’m not sure where she’s gonna get HER training in but my speedwork is totally covered.

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