When you just can’t go anymore.

It’s hot.

You’re tired.

Up early heading to work…home to laundry, cleaning, making dinner.  Being a mom.  Being a wife.


Must run.

Forcing yourself out the door you slog your way through the first mile waiting for that “easy” feeling to come.

Hmm.  Maybe we’re waiting for that “easier” feeling to come.

It doesn’t.  Awesome.  It’s gonna be THAT run.

Everybody has them.

The run that sucks.  It’s hard.  Drugged.  Legs like lead.


Push through.

It’s not going to feel better.  But you will at the end.  You’ll feel better because you finished.  And every run gives us back something.  Every run betters us somehow.

We are stronger

We are calmer

We are clearer thinkers

We are better employees,  parents and spouses

Really no downside here.  It’s worth it to push through.  In the end you’ll be able to say you finished.  The run sucked.  Tomorrow’s will be better. 

Run on.  And great job.