Sunday Sweet List…because I’m behind this week.

It’s still sweet though.

1.  I lost two pounds.  If it stays off…it’ll be on the sweet list next week, too.  (I’m a bit of a cynic about weight loss, can you tell?)

2.  I registered for this race.   It’s September 2nd.

In the land of not so sweet…I’m really unsure about some of these half marathons.  I knew this would be a problem, so many of them just run along trails ~around reservoirs.  I can totally feel my allergies explode.  I keep reorganizing the list, kicking some off, putting them back on.  Who knows what I’ll end up with or even if I’ll have enough.  I WANT to run I just can’t find anything.  Virtual running may just have to happen. We’ll see, won’t we?

3.  One of the races I have on the list is the same day as the Huntington’s 5k.  It’s the Area 13.1 in Castlerock and it’s run at night. So I could do both races…one in the morning and one at night.  I kinda want to…

4.  Got to have lunch with Andrea yesterday. Okay…it was breakfast.  But it lasted four hours so…it covered both??

5.  My little Target dresses came in and they are so comfortable and so cute.  Can’t beat a dress for $10 that everyone likes and you can wear it to work.

6.  Started some yard work.  Baby steps, right?  Baby steps.

7.  Great run with Reggie.  I’m getting spoiled having running partners.

*I do miss running with Michelle though…hopefully soon.

8.  Watched a movie with MT.  Hangin’ out in the air conditioning.  Wishin’ it was the beach..right?  It’s not the beach.  Still good though.

9.  MT and I spent the morning hangin’ out at Tanny’s shootin’ the breeze with Reg and Ryan.  A great way to pass a Sunday morning.  Good company.  ***side note…MT has never heard the term “shootin’ the breeze”*** wow.

Urban Dictionary: Shootin’ the breeze ~

To talk with one or more people, without exchanging much or any information of value. Usually done by men.


10.  National Ice Cream Day.  Who knew?  Get yer ice cream on…

11.  Naked juice.  Blue Machine.  Yuck.  But it’s got super happy stuff in it.  I prefer the Green Machine flavor but it doesn’t have the B12 and it doesn’t have any fiber. Go figure?  I’m pretty sure this one is made of blueberries because I don’t love blueberries.  I really really don’t.  But it’s got all kinds of “make your body happy” stuff in it so it belongs on the list.

12.  Regina updated her blog.  Stop the presses…

13.  Jade Beall Photography.  Changing perceptions with beautiful  brave women.  Check it out.  It’s pretty awesome.

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