How do you measure success?

Everyone measures differently.

Some people look for career acknowledgment.

Others want happiness at home.

There’s the runner who wants to win every race.  Be on the podium even if it’s just a local 5k or get into Boston.

What is success to you?

Have you done it right?  Have you lived your life to the fullest?  Have you lived it the way God intended? ** Do you feel the pressure yet?**  No regrets, right?  Get out there and get your success.  Can’t we have it all??

Wait…that’s just women.  We can have it all by God.  We can.  Because we rule the world.

We can have the career, raise beautiful kind generous members of society AND be the amazing runner/triathlete/sport of choice winner~on the podium~ too. Why can’t we?  (no pressure)

And men?  Men work for success in their career.  I understand they carry an extra burden, be it self imposed or society imposed, that they must support the family.

Family…that comes second.  They say it comes first but actions speak louder than words and those weekends at work and late hours?  We get it.  You are building a career.


I COULD say that success is happiness.

So trite.  Right?

What is success to me.

At the end of my life I’ll have no regrets.

Too late. I’m only 46 and I already have a small list. Damn.


So…what is it?

I want to say I’ve experienced life.

Traveled, adventured, climbed, and storied.  Prayed and walked.  Run and run some more.


Everyone measures it differently.