Where do you get your running shoes?

It’s a valid question.

Buying the right equipment is vital to running healthy.

If you need new shoes, this is what you need to do:

  • You’re going to need a real running store.  A big box store like Dick’s or Sports Authority just don’t generally have trained employees who know what the best shoes are for your gait.  You can Google “running store” and your zip code or your city and the results will come up.  Unfortunately you will probably also get your big box stores.  Ignore those.  Stick with the running stores.
  • They will watch you walk and probably run on a treadmill to get the feel for your gait.  If you overpronate, underpronate or are a neutral gait.  Pronation is key when choosing a shoe.  The wrong type of shoe could spell serious injury later and no one wants that for sure.
  • They should pick out a few shoes for you so you can try them on and decide which shoe feels the best.
  • You can run in a cotton t shirt.  Don’t be fooled.  You really can.  My favorite running shirt is an old cotton Nike shirt.  It’s old.  It’s cotton.  It’s grey. It’s not cute.  I don’t care.  Wish I owned three.
  • You can run in old gym shorts.  I swear.
  • You can’t run in the wrong shoes.  So prepare to spend upwards of $125 on the right shoe.  I’ve heard of people spending up to $160 (that’s crazy unless they are buying Newtons which are FABULOUS shoes and last far longer…then they are worth it) and I’ve also heard of people only spending $75.  That’s rare.  For me the average is about $110.  I would expect somewhere around that.  It’s your feet.  Just pay it.   Take care of your feet.
  • They should last between 300 and 500 miles.  Try and keep track.   A Garmin,  a sticky note, a spreadsheet.   Find a way.  Your life will be easier.  Otherwise you’ll be like me.  Struggling to remember how far you’ve gone on the suckers.
  • Don’t run errands in them.
  • Don’t walk in them.
  • Don’t cross train in them.
  • They are running shoes.
  • Just run in them.
  • What you CAN do…is remember what they are.  I wear Brooks Adrenaline.


  • Why??  Because every season they come out with a new one.  Brooks Adrenaline 9s, 10s, 11s, 12s, etc.  I can now go online and find them at any discount place online to include Ebay and Runningwarehouse.com and buy the last years model for about $75.  Sometimes $50 (that’s a good day right there…).
  • But first…get fitted.  And support your local running store.  Buy your first pair of shoes there for sure.  And try and buy a few other things.    Stickers, Gu, books, t shirts, shorts, whatever you need extra, just pick it up there.  Buy local.  Be a good person.

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