Saturday Sweet List


1.  Sean had two and a half days off this week.  That was beyond sweet.  I gave him a hard time but really…he deserved to just hang out and do nothing.

2.  I did get a few really good runs in even with a migraine.  Sometimes it subsides when I am running and this was one of those times.

3.  This video makes me laugh every freaking time.  My co workers spend FAR too much time on youtube (not at work…in their private time)  and remind me of this…high quality viewing.  Occasionally a gem like this resurfaces.  We say this at work all the time.

4.  I unplugged for a while.  I don’t like to do it because I like to be reachable but I just hit my limit.  The “noise” was killing me.  So I unplugged.  Totally worth it.

5.  Someone in my house vacuumed last night.  I love them.

6.  My husband bought me Skittles.  I ate them all.  Yes, that’s a bad thing.  Doesn’t matter.  I ate them anyway.

7.  Pumpkin pancakes.  I’ve had them two mornings in a row because I am trying to get a few more calories, a few more carbs and … pumpkin.  I love it.  Oh man I love pumpkin.  So good.  So today my goal is to get more pumpkin and bake something fabulous.  Maybe make a Mayonnaise cake, too.  Delicious.

8.  Shaughnessy got an internship in the Governor’s office.  Um…shut up!  Yeah.  I have always said she is amazing.  Always.  I somehow managed to pass on a lack of “I’m fabulous” to her as well.  Color me disappointed.  I was hoping I could skip that one.  Someday maybe she’ll see it even a smidge as much as we do.  I’m so incredibly impressed by her more every day.

9.  And I love LOVE to watch her have those moments of frustration with Eliot??  and then ten seconds later when he’s cute…she lights up. Yep.  Parenting.  There’s a sweet job.

10.  Sir Eliot is HILARIOUS.  He says everything.  Last night we were convincing him to say he was sorry and he was fighting it because he is stubborn.  Finally he says it but it’s…iffy.  Shaughnessy says, “whatever”…under her breath.  Yep…Eliot says, “whatever”.  Under his breath.  LOLOL.  I thought we would die laughing.  Started already.

11.  Spending the day watching DVR recordings and cleaning.  Yeah…it’s a good thing.

12.  I went to work the other day and after feeling horrible and not wanting to work I decided to clean and organize.  My day was awesome.  There’s so much left to do and I think they were a little overwhelmed.  But SO much junk is left.  I can’t wait to get to it.  I’m easing them into it.

13.  Sean has been super diligent about watering the grass.  This is no small feat.  Some is sprinkler and some is sprinkler system.   He is awesome.  It will be green.  It will be green.  ha.  Probably in November.  But it WILL.