Gettin’ yer long run on…

I woke up this morning and just felt the long run.

  I’ve been aching to stretch my legs with a good distance so I headed out, nervous to do the route that takes me on the trail of allergies but I know it’s dead on 8 miles so I did it.

It was a gorgeous 61* and foggy.  I couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather except about a block and a half out I realized it was even warmer than I expected so I ditched my little jacket in a neighbors yard and kept going.  That’s when the rain hit.  And it continued for the entire 8 miles.

Sean asked me if the rain kept the allergies at bay on the trail.  I don’t know.  Probably?  I’ve just decided I’m a bit of a wuss.  I do struggle on that little trail.  I decided not to worry about it and allow myself to walk if I needed to and not stress about it.  This is a lesson learned a few years ago.  I spent a long time stressing myself out that I had to run run run and wear myself out.  It was exhausting.  Now I listen to my body.  It’s okay to walk for a little ways if you need to. I’ll give myself a few seconds.  Starting with 15 seconds and working up to 30 and then a minute.  That’s my limit and then I run.  I almost never go over 30 unless I’m having an allergy attack.  There are times I’ll test the waters and just slow down.  Maybe my pace is just too fast.  Listen to your body.  Slow down first, if that doesn’t help, allow a walk break.  So I did.  There were a few short walk breaks and they helped immensely.  I think the trail just has it in for me.  I was glad to have it done, glad I did it early, it felt amazing to get a nice run in and it set the tone for the week I hope.  Here’s my stats.


I’ll never be one of those people that has a dead on even pace.  I just let my legs do what they want.  Pretty sure that’s one of my major problems!!  If I were more on pace…maybe I wouldn’t tire on the hills? **hello mile 7**  I could be more upset about this.  I’ll let you know.

By the time I got home I was SOAKED and freezing cold set in quick.  MT was ready for kickboxing so I begged for two seconds to grab my beloved sweatshirt which is so on it’s last legs ::I could cry:: and we ran out the door.

See you tomorrow!