This has actually been on my mind for a while but running with Miss Reggie last night…it came up again and I  thought…I totally need to write this down.

MT is the MOST dedicated athlete I know.

And that’s saying a lot.  I know a lot of athletes.

The kick ass kind.  The ones that run 26 miles for fun.

The kind that bike 100 miles on their days off.

And yet MT still amazes me.

He’s sixteen years old.

Rather than playing video games, zoning out to television and generally being an irritant to civilization  ~isn’t that what most sixteen year olds aim to do?~ he works.

His week will generally look like this:


Kickboxing 9-10

Monday and Wednesday:

ride his bike 3.5 miles to Muay Thai

Classes (plural) from 6:50-8:50

ride his bike home 3.5 miles

Tuesday and Thursday:

ride his bike 3.5 miles to Muay Thai

Classes (plural)  from 6:10 to 8:45

ride his bike home 3.5 miles

A lot of those days that he rides his bike…the weather has hit high 90’s.  It’s easily 99* and he’s riding his bike in that on his WAY to work out.

Now for the fun part.  He bought an elevation mask.

This is a mask that you wear to assist you in adjusting to working out at higher altitudes.

Montana struggles already at higher altitudes and has been known to head straight back down the mountain when headed up for camping.  But no…not this kid.  Instead he buys the mask so he can train his lungs to handle the thinner oxygen.

And he does.

Wear it.


And to me he sounds like Darth Vader.

But that’s old school I guess because he walks around breathing heavily into it and quoting Bane from the Batman movies.  And apparently it’s pretty dead on because everyone cracks up laughing.  I should watch them I suppose.

He wore it while he rode his bike to the pool the other day.  It’s 4.3 miles there plus the extra workout of wearing the elevation mask.  Understanding of course, Aurora is already higher than 5280 ft.

He swam laps at the pool for an hour or so.  Sans the mask. 😉

Then he left the pool and rode his bike to Muay Thai 3 miles.

I think at this point he might have his brother beat.

Although if you put Alex (who can’t stand cardio) together with MT (who doesn’t lift weights)…imagine the athlete you would have then.

Hey Guys…you should talk to each other.  Just sayin’.

I’m just going to pop back to my original point and be done.

He’s sixteen years old.  Pretty awesome.

Now if I could get him to unload the dishwasher without the heavy sigh involved I’d be in business.



4 Replies to “Montana.”

    1. Kat, I bought Montana’s on Amazon. I had never heard of one either! He swears by it and just went hiking/camping with Sean and said he didn’t have any problems. Not even a headache. Must be working. Crazy, huh?

        1. No problem! And…it will double as a Halloween costume and scare the bejeezus out of someone. 🙂

          It’s possible I exaggerate.

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