Sweet List


1.  Sean and MT are coming home today!

2.  I do think…dare I say it…my thyroid meds may be working.  Wait for the blood test I guess.

3.  Having pie tonight with Miss Michelle! And bonus…Glenda and Raquel are joining us!  That is a good day right there.

4. I got several good runs in this week.

5.  Someone is coming to get my old barbecue.  I’m slowly regaining my sanity in my backyard. Slowly. I clearly need a new shed but we won’t go there…

6.  Pride and Prejudice on this morning.  I love this movie.  I’m such a girl.  ~it did ruin my morning plans.  I was all set to head out with the puppy and then mow the lawn.  Uh….yeah…right after the movie.  So instead, I’m reorganizing the kitchen.  How many times can I do that?  *family LOVES that*

7.  Framed some photos that have needed it for a long time.

8.   It will NOT be 90* today.

It’s gonna be 85*.  That really is better.  I swear.

9.  Got my 300 transactions for the month so yay me.  Note:  I could not do it without people assisting me.  Throwing extra transactions my way and my staying extra late.  That is still frustrating.  But I think it’s improving.  Hell, it’s only been 8 months.

10.  Feeling very house productive right now.  Let’s keep THAT motivation going. (I really think this is a direct result of the meds…crazy)

11. Just heard from Sean.  I missed them SO much.  They had an amazing time.  I’m incredibly happy for them.  Jealous, too, but pretty happy for sure.  Sean needed this more than anyone knows.  Montana did too.  Sadly they do not have my ipod.  Yes, I am obsessed.

12.  Afternoon rain.

13.  Morning running with Malachi.  He’s my bud.