Wind is apparently the title here…

Sunday was long run day and I was heading for 10 miles.
MT and I started out but I’m not kidding when we say headwind.

We’re talking WIND.

We got a mile out and turned right around.  Two miles knocked out we got in in the car and drove to Miss Reggie’s to meet her …where she laughed at us.  Sorry Miss Reg.  I do not do wind like that.  No way.

Ran the nearly six miles back (on the side streets…I had Reggie and MT with me and if anyone attacked…they would totally Chuck Norris their ass)   

for a total of 8 miles.

After talking with Reg for an hour and driving her home…then finding the boys watching television…  I just went to bed.  It was so late and my head was killing me.  I wasn’t up to two miles at midnight.

My head still hurt me today so I just skipped my run and worked on  my never-freaking-ending-I-can’t stand-my-yard yardwork.

Happy Monday People and I’ll talk to Ya’ll on Tuesday when hopefully I’ll have motivation for you!