I’m a cold-hearted mom

Georgetown is right around the corner!

Yeah Baby.  Mom and Bill are coming Friday.  Georgetown is Saturday.  I won’t be able to walk on Sunday.


Downhill races do kind of suck that way.

Alexander is flying in on Sunday…

Shaughnessy and Adam are flying OUT on Sunday…

Eliot is joining us for the week on Sunday…

holy smokes.  Could we BE any busier??  ::channeling Chandler here::


My kids are awesome.

I was reminded of this tonight when talking to my mom.  Each one of them goes out of their way to say “I love you” at the end of the conversation.  Alex Michael will say, “I love you and I love everyone…tell everyone I love them”.

Why do I suck?

Because I forget!  Honestly.  I am the WORST.

They say “I love you!” and I’m following up with, “oh yeah…yep.  I love you, too!”  And I was totally going to say that.  Absolutely.  I wasn’t forgetting that.  No way.

What is WRONG with me? ::slaps forehead::

Forehead slap animated emoticon

Montana and I are watching Mulan 2

How many 16 year old boys will sit down and watch a cartoon with you?  He said he’s in a cartoon mood.  We already watched Mulan.  He  said it’s so interesting  to watch the dynamic that happens with Mulan and how they treat her differently because she’s a woman then when she was dressed as a man.

I love him.

This is my third day of not running.

I’m hoping my head is better tomorrow because the rest of me feels horrible.  Plus the not running thing is makin’ me crazy.

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I need a run.  Sooner rather than later.

Drugs, too.  Would be super helpful.

And Universe?  If you could kick this migraine out of my life…that would be super awesome.




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  1. You get E for a whole week?!? Too bad we will be gone 🙁 we coulda done a zoo play date! Have fun!

  2. Yep. We get him on Sunday and his mom and dad come back on Sunday. Very cool…we’re pretty excited.

    Figures you would be gone! I don’t think you ever sit down…

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