•   Someone told me something today and it made me nervous and made me smile at the same time.
  • I cannot stand when the peanut butter gets to the bottom of the jar.  Then you get peanut butter all over your hand when you dip the knife in.  Someone came up with a solution…I think I’d rather skip it and just toss the extra.  *hopefully Sean did not read that*
  •   I have a million things to do and not enough time to do it.  EVER.  Not just when family is coming.  Ever.image
  •   Sometimes I wish we just didn’t have to sleep.  I could just go and go and go and go.  My head is never quiet.
  •   Sean and I are discussing ways to make the couch work.  The one the friends dog chewed on one side and the cat clawed on the other.  What he doesn’t know is that is makes my head so crazy I would get rid of it in a heartbeat just so I wouldn’t have to think about it.  I can’t stand those flaws on it.  Can’t.stand. them.  I’ll work past it by forcing myself to think of other things and just not look at it.
  •   My refrigerator is so empty right now a person could totally die of starvation.  Except for vegetables.  We COULD eat vegetables.  You think I’m kidding.
  •   Reggie is due for a run tonight.  Overdue.    Photo: Sports Motivation
  • Sean jokes about my lack of patience…it’s not really a joke. I have no patience.  I do exercise patience but it is a real exercise.  The effort it takes…let me tell you.
  • Shaughnessy is going to run Georgetown with me.   Her name is Michelle now.  😉 (wink)
  • I got a blood test today and the lady was walking me through it like it was my first time.  Uh…yeah.  I have this done like six times a year at least.  Thanks for your concern though.  Most of the time they are super nice.  Sometimes they are condescending.   I’m adult enough to know what my hot button is.  Treating me like I’m five.  That’s the one.  Don’t push that button please.  Zooey GIF
  • I think Beyonce looks adorable with her new pixie.  But then…doesn’t she look great in anything?  Girl is darling.
  • It was overcast and beautiful today. I could totally live in San Francisco or Seattle.  Such perfect weather.