Sweet List

Sunday Sweet List…

Good thing I’m flexible…

Hey.  I’m flexible.  Just go with it.

1.  We have Eliot for the week.  And he could not be cuter.  Right now.  Ask me later…you may not get the same answer.

2.  Mom and Bill AND Alex are here.  It’s a houseful but it’s fun!

3.  Shaughnessy did the Georgetown half with me yesterday and it was a good time!

4.  Turkey sandwiches.  I love turkey sandwiches.

5.  Hot fresh cheeseburgers.  Food on the brain I guess.

6.  Mom and I are going to Kohls to shop for Sir Eliot.  There is nothing more fun than shopping for babies.

7.  Eliot is so polite when he wants something he says please, when he gets it…he says thanks or thank you.  Seriously…I could die it’s so cute.

8.  MT may run the next half with me.  I’m thinking …hm…ditch times and just go for the experience of running with different people every race.

9.  Rain again tonight…

10.  I found a website that keeps track of all of your times from your races over the years.  *I should really not ditch my times.  This is evident by how often I have walked people in.  I remember each one when I see the times displayed.  On the other hand, it gives me a better feeling so I guess I’ll just go with it.

11.  Reggie is continuously researching thyroid care for me.   What the hell will I do when she moves to Thailand?  She has some nerve having a life. I’ll probably be standing at the airport when she gets back.

12.  Malachi is letting Grandma Dot pet him! Stop the presses. This is a BIG DEAL.
13.  I’m hoping I get a run with Reggie tonight…let’s count on that as 13.  If it doesn’t happen…I owe you one.  LOL