Saturday~awesomeness at Georgetown

Shaughnessy and I ran Georgetown to Idaho Springs together.

She decided on the fly to do it and let me tell you, it was fun.  She made certain she paced herself extra slow to allow for enough energy to get through the 13 miles but she made it and walked only about 20% of the race.

I owe a really great review on this race because of how amazing it was.  From the price, the options you could ditch to get a better price all the way to porta potties.  These people do it right.

We were up insanely early (4:30am for me) and I picked up Shaughnessy at 5:30am.  It started out feeling cool but quickly got cold for me.  I was freezing.  I did have my arm warmers and might not have made it without those.  Shaughnessy had a great little jacket she ended up tying around her waist later.

We tried to keep the 3 hour pace girl in our sights and only lost her at the tail end when we picked up an injured girl to walk in.

Shaughnessy got sore about half way through the race but not insanely….I’m going to die…sore.  Her knees bothered her a lot though.  The downhill killed them.

She just kept trudging forward.  I was so impressed.  By the end we were out of energy.  Got our bags…walked around for a quick minute and started looking for the shuttles back to Georgetown.

Once back Shaughnessy headed straight into Georgetown Lake.  Her feet hurt and so did everything else.  This is when she discovered the huge blisters on her feet.  She really was a rockstar.

Here’s something impressive.  Drive thirteen miles.  You’ll realize just how far it is you just ran.  Nicely done Miss Shaughnessy.  You are kickin’ ass and taking names.