Tuesday. No Reggie Run. Again.

I’m starting to see a pattern here!

It’s okay.  She’s off bettering the world tonight. She’s chaperoning kids.

Is that bettering the world?  Well, it’s not hurting anything and that’s a powerful thing right there.

Mom and Bill are in town and it’s Alex Michael’s birthday so we have been busy busy.  No time to run anyway.  Hopefully tomorrow.

Eliot has been HIMSELF which means super wonderful with a smattering of whine in there.  Just enough whine to overshadow the wonderful so then you aren’t loving it.  instead you’re thinking…good LORD>  Somebody do something to make that noise stop. I beg of you.

I have dishes coming out my ears.  Constantly.

I have no laundry.  Except the dirty kind.

And I swear…I had this conversation with my child tonight as the washer was washing my clothes and the dryer was drying Alex Michael’s…

“Are the washer and dryer both going?”…MT

“Yes…but I have another load to do after this one”…Me

“I have NO MUAY THAI clothes AT ALL” …MT

“I have nothing to wear to work tomorrow and you are home all day”…Me

“With a two year old…who whines and demands attention!”…MT

I stopped talking to him then.  Can you imagine?  Mothers everywhere have been wondering why they have no clean clothes.  It’s because of those damn babies.  Think of how much they could get done!  ::really really big eyeroll::