I got schooled.

And by my kids.  Wow.  What an education.

I really wanted to run the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon.  

It’s coming up this weekend.

It’s my dad’s birthday.

Those two things have nothing to do with each other.

So here is what put me off.

The pros of the race…

  • It’s in Estes Park.  Starts at the Stanley Hotel.  Could not BE more beautiful.  ::channeling Chandler again::
  • It is killer uphill and seems like it might be a bit of a challenge.   😉Capture22 I do like to do things that are difficult…just to be difficult.
  • I don’t have anything to do this weekend.  I’d like to do another race.
  • The medal is so pretty.
  • It’s a small race.  They are building a series of half marathons around National Parks.  Such a great idea.  I love supporting great ideas.  They are eventually going to look into charity donations.
  • Military discount, hello.  It’s not a small one, either.

The cons of the race…

  • Uh…yeah.  It’s a really small race.  Like, they expected 750 runners and are now expecting 200.  I’ll definitely come in last.  ::embarrassing::
  • The cost was ~yikes~ $110!!
  • It’s all uphill!! holy smokes.  That’ll just kill ya.  Seriously.  Yikes.     (just for kicks…did you see that elevation??)~
  • I’ll have to get a hotel room and spend the night.    Darn… 
  • Race start is 6am.   Okay.  There’s no really great way to dress that one up.  It just pretty much sucks.

So…here’s how my children taught me a hard lesson.  I could die.

Alex Michael asked, “why do you run?  Do you run to beat people or just to enjoy the run?”

Uh…he knows the answer.  He knows I never care if I beat people.  I just love the run.  His answer?  He would totally run, come in last and be fine with it.

I am ashamed.

Montana said, “every mountain bike race I came in last.  But I did it anyway. ”  Yep.  He did.  Put his heart in it.  And there it is.  I was talked into it.  Geez.  Your kids will teach you things.

I did find comfort in that though…because that means I did that job right.

The military discount was really significant.  $45 off.  No matter how late you register.  They rock, seriously.

So MT and I are running that half marathon this weekend and it’s going to be awesome.  I’m pretty excited about it.  Eliot will have a road trip to the mountains and we’ll have a bit of an adventure.  I’m pretty excited about the experience, if only to just be able to do one more.  And what a great race to be so accommodating.

I emailed them this afternoon when the military discount wouldn’t  go through with our registration and within ten minutes it was fixed and went through perfectly.

This evening I see our names and bib numbers on the spreadsheet list.

Three options for picking up our bibs…even this close to the race!

No cup race…happy for the environment!

“Goo” at every aid station and there are seven aid stations.  Nice.

Refunds and bib transfers are offered!  You know what I think? I think the people who are putting on this series…are runners themselves.  I think they asked themselves…what would fellow runners want in a race.  uh huh.  Kind of brilliant.

Beautiful medals.

T-shirts look pretty awesome though I’m wary of the women’s green. Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 11.26.48 PM

I’ll have to see it. I really just want the volunteers black.  *sigh*  I always just want the black one.

So far, I’m impressed. The race will have to be pretty bad for me to call it a miserable experience and since MT is running it with me, I think that just won’t happen.

Let’s do this.

Run on.



2 Replies to “I got schooled.”

  1. Yeah…you know me. I’d rather not have the green. But I’ll reserve judgement. So far they’ve done everything right. Could they really screw this up?
    And yeah, I’m not struggling at all so I’m really ready to run again. I haven’t run all week since Sunday so I’m going a little nuts. My legs want to move for sure.
    Meanwhile…I miss you!
    Oh…uh…yeah…I guess I won’t be meeting you for pie on Saturday. LOL.

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