Sweet List!

Sweets & Treats Domed Cake Stand

1.  Mom and Bill were here this week and got to spend time with Alex.  It was fleeting but they had a good…if not slightly insane time.   Alex is the only one that can get away with saying some of that stuff to my mom.  I swear.  She just laughs and thinks it’s hilarious.

2.  Alex Michael got to visit <<refer to number #1>> It was a super short visit but really good.  Just hangin’ about the house eatin’ yummy food and cake.

It’s all about the cake.  Oh…and the quesadillas.  What was I thinking?

3.  We had Eliot this week and though the week was super busy he was pretty fun to have around.  His little curls and his pretty smile.  What a cookie.

4.  I asked Sean and Bill to get cake for Alex’s birthday from Coldstone and they came back with a double fabulous chocolate cake and a mini strawberry cheesecake flavored cake for those of us who can’t have chocolate! >>read: me<<

5.  Smart phones come in handy for sure.  Navigator saved me at least twice.

6.  MT and I ran the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon today and had a great time.

7.  They made a special point to give me a bib number that added up to 13.  Seriously awesome people.

8.  I splurged and ordered pizza.  I figured my head already was awful, I might as well go out in style.  🙂

9.  Brooks arm warmers!  So awesome.

10.  I got a new windshield on my car Thursday.  Can I just shout with excitement at that please??

11.  Werther’s Originals.  Thankyouverymuch.  Yum.

12.  Packages in the mail you forgot you ordered. #Christmasbonus

13.  Amazon Prime.  Enough said.