Rocky Mountain Half Marathon recap

The race started at 6am.  Yikes.

They requested a 5:15 show time to ensure you got parked and to the starting line by 5:45.  They were adamant the race would start on time and it did.

It was cold.  I actually don’t know the temp but somewhere in the 40’s if I remember because it was supposed to be in the 50’s by the time we finished.  Decisions…do I run with Brooks arm warmers or my Brooks ~incredibly light weighs nothing~ jacket that glows in the dark?

Please note:  Those arm warmers are not pink.  They are black.  I just don’t know what that link will do.  🙂

Jacket it is.  And a good decision.

My stats were all over the place … I felt pretty good but this was a killer course for hills.


I felt really pretty good considering the hills. My half marathon PR is 2:11.  I ran a lot of these hills but allowed myself to walk the tips of the hills when I felt my lungs fight me.  None of the hills seemed out of control. I didn’t think it was too much by any means.

Course preview #1 - Lake Estes #RMhalf

 #RMhalf course preview #2 #holycrapthatsbeautiful


These photos  were totally stolen off of the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon site.  Somebody is a nice little photographer.

I started to struggle somewhere around mile 8.  Thinking  I wouldn’t make it through…  those middle miles are always my killer miles and I had lousy Ipod support.  Nothing interesting to listen to so the boredom powered through to remind me I still had miles to go.  For those longer mileages I have to have something interesting to get lost in or my head plays tricks with me.

The downhills were awesome.  Perfect timing.  My finish time was 2:24:13 and I thought that was pretty good with all those awful hills.  MT finished with an amazingly fast time of 1:58:06.  2nd in his age group!

This was the most beautiful race, small, well supported and every step thought of.  Having given away our bib numbers that morning…they had to make us new ones.  They gave me a bib that added up to thirteen.    I loved nearly every minute of this experience (come on…you don’t expect me to love EVERY minute of those hills).  Not only would I recommend it but I wish I could do every one of the races in the series.  These people do it right.



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  1. I thought I added that! I’ll do it now. He finished in 1:58:06! Yep. Obnoxious. He took second place for his age group!

    In all fairness…there were only two people in his age group. hahahhaa.

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