It’s HOT in Denver.

Reg and Iwent on a great 7 mile run last night.  We stopped to talk occasionally but it was still good.


MT went on a school trip this morning and needed the Jeep.  Okay…he didn’t need it. But he was ticked off and wanted it and we caved because we frankly didn’t want the hassle at 7am on a morning he was leaving town on a bus up a mountain road.  Do you blame us?

I didn’t think so.

So I took the Tercel Monster*  to work.

This car is HOT.

I’m sorry.  Did you think I meant this?

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray


MT’s car is more like this.

This is not MT’s car and this car is in slightly better shape than his is.  But you know what?  He loves it.  Because it’s his.  And it’s his first car.  And it runs.  Sometimes when the Jeep doesn’t.

Lord help me.

I love driving a standard transmission.  The little buggers can really go.  But seriously…on a day when it’s 96* could I get some air conditioning?

The Tercel has something wrong with it that creates a seriousawful  noise when the air conditioning is on and the car is stopped. So as long as you’re in motion…go with me now…between stop lights…the air is good.  But as soon as you stop….the high pitched sound that only dogs can hear (#youwish) starts.  So off goes the air.  As long as you sit at the light, the air is off.  It’s 96*.  In the car.  With the windows up because as soon as you go again you need to put the air on again.  Because it’s 96*.

Kill me now.

Sean and I are escaping to the movies.  No running tonight and thank the Lord because it’s HOT in Denver.

Stay cool.