I survived with self esteem intact. Mostly.

Dr visit went fine and the scale from hell actually said I lost 5lbs. Whatever… *say with skepticism

I have a lousy vitamin D count.  Low enough she’s prescribing me a vitamin D supplement for 3 months.  My husband could NOT stop the jokes there.    Pretty soon my entire diet will consist of supplements and scrips.  Hey.  It’s only for 3 months.  Smart ass.  At one point today he was looking for a mooning emoticon.  He created one.  No surprise there.

My other numbers were good!  That means no change of meds and no follow up for 6 months!  *snoopydance



I need to run tonight.  Work on my running plan.  This ~run once a week~ plan kind of sucks.  I’ll either take puppy for a run (boy would he love that) or I’ll go for a longer easy run.  Depends on the weather.  Currently it’s looking like rain is imminent!


As much as I love the rain and will totally run in it, the pouring rain/lightning is not my preferred weather.  So…we wait.  Might be treadmilling it.


Months ago I did an interview for Running Times.   The article discussed the downsides of the giant corporate races and the appeal of the smaller races.  I agreed to do the interview because I love the smaller races and the corporate sizes really just seem so overwhelming.  The cost, the thousands of people, the expos that take a day trip into town.  Crazy.  I forgot I did this interview until today when MT wanted a Jamba Juice   I like to pop into Barnes & Noble and get a magazine when he goes there.  I saw Running Times and it clicked.

Well there it was. My little part of the interview.  Completely wrong.  LOL.  Oh well.  The girl that interviewed me, Jen Miller, was really nice and agreed with me on running bigger races so we had a great chat about the whole thing.  She got most of it right! It was a little iffy and she took a whole conversation and condensed it so I sound harsher about it than I want to but there it is.  What’s done is done.  I would never have said I didn’t like people walking the mileage.  I’ve walked the mileage myself in a pinch. It’s how it’s done I guess.   It really went downhill in the article when she said “she much preferred her experience running the Steamtown Marathon in Scranton, Pa.”.  She went on to describe my great experience at that race.   Yeah…no.  I ran the Steamboat Marathon in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Semantics.  Or, really really wrong information. And about 1,819 miles.  And 27 hours.  And God knows how much in tolls.

It was totally fun to be a part of though.  Mistakes and all.  That’s life.  For the record, I’d love to run Steamtown someday.  It’s a great marathon.


MT got home today…so much talking.  😉  I loff him!




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  1. That’s awesome you are in it… too bad you didn’t get to proof it before it went to publication 😉 🙂

    1. I know, right? She actually told me she would be having her editor call me for a fact check a few weeks before. I never got that call. Oh well.

  2. It’s the September issue, it’s out right now. Shockingly…it has a girl running on the cover. LOL. Pink sports bra, black shorts. The headline is “Maximize Every Mile”.

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