Reggie Tuesday…


Yeah…I think we may ditch Tuesdays.  We’re giant failures.  This one was mostly me.  It’s…hot.

Oh, I told you that already?  Whatever.

Justin McHeffey and I are best buds now on Twitter and he has reassured me we will see lower temps this week.



Now…89* is not exactly cold…but it’s way better than the 98* we hit today so I’ll take it.  And I won’t complain.

That’s an outright lie.  Talk to me tomorrow and you’ll totally hear…”it’s hot”.

I’m working on my attitude.  Right now I’m fine tuning it.


I have an appt tomorrow with my thyroid specialist.  I LOVE those appointments where you get to find out you weigh 15lbs more than you wanted to.  Okay, 10.  But in my head, it’s 20.

regina george gif, weight gain gif, mean girls gif

***note: Shaughnessy just recently told me I need to see this movie.  I think I’ve seen parts of it.  But she has pretty awesome taste so I figure I should see it.  ***

I’ll get my new numbers and begin the game again.

Yep…you got Cynical Me tonight.  Talk to me tomorrow.  I’m much more likely to be Optimistic Me.

Still happy! Blushing Smiley Just Cynical.


MT gets home tomorrow and I missed his face.  030

That is all.


Alex leaves in two days and I am already missing him.   And worrying because that’s what I do.


Speaking of my thyroid, I’m in a new phase, I may have mentioned it, of not sleeping. It’s a normal cycle for me.

Although this one, I’ve named “sympathy insomnia” because Alex isn’t sleeping either.

I came home from work today, did some laundry, greeted my husband and crashed HARD.  Thyroid?  Lack of sleep?  You choose.  Slept for two hours and could have slept all night.

Classic.  I had to force myself awake.  So many ideas and so little time to investigate it all.

Tomorrow…coconut oil.  So interesting.

Running tomorrow for sure.  For sure.  Yes, I promise.  For now…off to bed.  I’m exhausted from my nap.

Run on!