I may never be the same

So…this is a delicate subject.

Yesterday morning I was feeling a little off.  I was folding laundry before work and felt my breakfast not agree with me.  I ran into the bathroom to lose it and was greeted with…

a spider. in the toilet.

running laps.

oh the irony.

No, you will not get a Gif or a graphic of any sort for this one.   *shudder*

My first thought…no, I’m not kidding, my first thought, was what if I hadn’t been facing the toilet and how many times has this happened before?

Like I didn’t have enough neurosis.


So as I drive to work today, enjoying the rain in my ignorance of the beauty of the morning and the music playing and the solitude of the moment….WHAM! WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK


No more windshield wiper.

Random Dude.

My windshield wiper fell off.  Yep.  On the drivers side, too.  Just to keep me on my toes.  Hey there now.  Let’s see how well you drive with ONE…hehehe.



note to self.  Get a new windshield wiper.