Here’s an interesting little debate…

“trendy” races versus everyday races. 

The appeal these days to do The Color Run or the super popular Dirty Girl or really, any kind of mud run or obstacle race is everywhere you look.  Not just in the running community but everywhere.

The question of the day is:

What do you think of the trendy runs?  And would you put the Diva run in the same category?

Here’s what I think.  You can’t “run” a mud run or a color run like you would another race.  It’s gimmicky.  It’s trendy.  It’s MEANT to be fun.  Bring a girlfriend, a daughter, a sister and have a good time and that’s it.  You have to understand from the get go you will encounter:

  • tons of people
  • countless walkers
  • people three and four across who are trying to stay together
  • holdups at the obstacles (sometimes even up to 15 minutes per obstacle).
  • people out for JUST this experience.

You will not get a PR.  You will not fly through the race without having to weave through the crowds.  It’s just not that experience.  But if you go into it expecting a good time.  Expecting the colors everywhere or the mud and obstacles then you can probably have an awesome time.  Because this is not a race.

It’s an Experience.


Now the Diva Half Marathon and 5k Thirteen miles is nothing to sneeze at.  This is a run.  But as soon as you attach “Diva” to any race it’s going to become a gimmick.  I don’t think it can be helped.  People show up with tiaras and tutus, pink shirts and costumes.  Friends gathered to have a good time and to feel good about something they’ve done.  Maybe they’ve trained, maybe they haven’t.  Sometimes they’ve traveled great distances to meet.  This is going to have to go in the same category as trendy.  That many costumes…for sure trendy.


That doesn’t mean these are bad experiences.  Just different.  Choose  carefully.  Know before you run what you will be going for so you won’t be disappointed.   Most running races are going to just be races.  Runners gathered for the running community camaraderie and for the possibility of a PR. The chance to say ~I did this and I trained hard for it.  I earned it. 


I am completely guilty of judging these trendy races.  Completely.

Shame on me.  I hope, when I ran the Diva Half Marathon San Francisco,  I didn’t ruin anyone’s experience or take away from the joy of the day.  I will definitely be more careful in my choices and my behavior.


Nevertheless…I am still not sure I would ever do a run like this.  I honestly just don’t have any interest in The Color Run (nor any friends to do it with), the others just don’t appeal.  Which doesn’t mean I judge them or people that run them.  *I held my judgement to the Diva race. LOL .  It was just so much pink and bling*The only mud run that ever got my attention is the Tough Mudder.  And yes, I’m still afraid of it.

It’s the ice water.

Of course, if you know me, that means I want to do it more.

Run on and be brave.



4 Replies to “Here’s an interesting little debate…”

  1. True! I had this discussion with my girlfriends this weekend… we all did The Color Run last year, and I’ll say if it wasn’t for the laid back attitude and non-competitiveness they wouldn’t have agreed to do it. It was nice for me to have them enjoy something that I do (oh, and now they’ve done additional races :)). And you should totally do Tough Mudder (have the boys do it with you! It’s definitely a team event, and so much fun:))

  2. I have a TON of non running friends that have done The Color Run and the Warrior Dash and The Dirty Girl. It’s crazy. But my running friends…not so much.
    By the time I get the nerve up for the ice water I’ll have moved on to something else probably! 😉

    1. Nope. Doesn’t bother me. Random, I know. It just doesn’t. I’m a bit unnerved by the whole “running up a mountain carrying a log” thing as I have no upper body strength but really, the ice water is the worst.

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