Sweet List

Valentine's Day Sweet Treats Cupcakes Party

1. The scale at the Dr off did not send me into depression.  Right there that’s a bonus.

2.  Numbers for the thyroid are GOOD.  Holy happy day.  Things are looking up!

3.  Six half marathons down!  Only seven to go.  🙂  Yep.  That’s ONLY seven.  Not too shabby.

4.  An amazing run with Reggie  from Thailand Bound last night.  I didn’t have to stop on the hills at all.  Only stop was the stop light.  It was only 3.25 miles (hehe) but it was really nice to feel that strong.  Hope it lasts.

5.  Atlanta Bread Company Cinnamon Chip cookies.  Holy Mother those suckers are delicious.

6.  Alex still has his birth certificate.  He needed his one and only birth certificate (he was born in Germany in a German hospital) overnighted to him so he could give it to the military and they would get him a passport.  Good Lord I stressed about the replacement of that puppy.  Where do I start?  I really can’t tell you…I was not happy.  On many levels.  But he kept it somehow and I am so thrilled. I’m also going to do a little research and see if I can find where to get another one just in case.  This was too stressful.

7.  MT went out of town and Sean and I had two whole days alone.  It was really nice.  Not that we don’t like MT, but it was nice to just hang out in the kitchen and talk and catch up on movies and enjoy not having to be anywhere.

8.  Saw Lee Daniels’ The Butler. Amazing movie.  Go see it.  Take kleenex.

9.  Long chandelier earrings and here and pretty shoes.  and here

10.  I think I may be getting this work thing figured out.  I got a ton of work done these last two days.  What a huge relief.

11.  Best entertainment on a long run.

12.  Sitting in the kitchen at midnight enjoying the quiet, typing my post and watching television.  #favorite

13.  Anyone remember this?  “And now you know, the rest of the story”…Paul Harvey.  Good stuff right there.  And why can’t I get recordings?