Pulling the trigger…so to speak

Anyone else ever get that~holy cow I’m in it now~ feeling when they hand over their credit card  number for a hotel, plane ticket or…*gasp* a race?

I just put my credit card in for a hotel in Buena Vista for a race I’m running in September.  The Autumn Color Run is one of my favorite races, I’ve run it twice before, so why the nerves??

I think it’s that moment I push “pay now”.  What if I put the wrong date in?

bites fist

What if I typed my name in wrong?  Hey. That could happen.

What if I get injured…blow the training… and can’t run the 26 freaking miles.


Ha.  Thank heavens I’m only running 13.

No joke.  Thanking the heavens.

You fools training for a marathon…I do NOT envy your long runs right now.  You are all rockstars.  I’ve been whining about the heat for weeks.

>>See what I did there?  Slipped it in there, the heat comment.  Mmhmm.  There’s always a way<<

Malachi and I went for a quickie run this evening.  Or as Sean likes to call it, watering the bushes.  Malachi  watered, I pulled on his leash and begged him to “come ON”.

It was slowwww.

It was a nice little run and I listened to my iPod. It missed me.


I will have to make a decision about these races probably tomorrow.  Last decision to make I think will be…

Do I run the Area 13.1 that takes place at night the same day as the Huntingtons 5k?  Or do I run the Denver Half Marathon. 

Another decision.  For tomorrow.

Run on and stay cool.




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