So….yeah. It was hot.

Yes.  That’s going to be the theme this week.


I have to.

Is it bad that I want to slap the weather girl in the face when she cheerfully says, “it’s HOT and it’s going to be that way ALL week!”  with that gigantic television smile?

Face Slap emoticon (Fighting Emoticons)

I didn’t think so.


Let’s cut to the chase.  Reggie and I ran last night.  I’m still down a bit so I spent the first mile warming up and had to stop like…THREE TIMES.  Maybe more, I lost count. LOL

But after that I perked up.  I did have to stop to tie my shoe but I’m not counting that.

Our miles after that were good, way more consistent than they have been and that made me somewhat happy.  Usually we are all over the board.  We only did three miles of recovery from our 7.57 (hell yes I’m taking every step of that run) terrible horrible awful hot run the day before.


After the run, we both agreed it still felt really warm even though it was evening and dark and cool out.  Sure enough it was 86*.  Holy smokes.  I was thinking 4 or more on Wednesday but this week may kill me.