This is not a political blog but…

It’s more of a:

I like running

and cookies

and eating a lot

and the occasional cat gif (yep. I admit that.  Not ashamed there.  I also have a Hanson song on iPod.  But Ya’ll probably knew that)

and telling people about my awesome running friends and fam

and just generally chatting.

But I’m going to throw this out there today.  I’ll try to reign it in from now on.

I have a son deployed and I’m freaking terrified of Syria right now.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.



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2 Responses to This is not a political blog but…

  1. I don’t blame you. I have friends and family who are also in the military and my thoughts are the same. Sending love.

  2. admin

    Love back to you and yours, Cori. Holding our collective breaths.