In case you were wondering…

It’s still hot.

Yeah…I thought you might be.


Let’s talk role models.

I’m SUPER excited these days with who we have out there.  And HEY

I wasn’t EVEN going to mention …

you KNOW who I wasn’t going to mention…

uh huh.

We’ll just move right on past her.  She’s just …an experience these days.

Everyone has role models that have fallen from grace.  Right?

Lance Armstrong.

Aaron Hernandez.


In all fairness, Rihanna hasn’t fallen from grace.  But after the Chris Brown incident we’re all so freakin’ disappointed in how she handled the whole thing we don’t really know where to put our emotions about it.  We certainly aren’t standing up to tell our daughters “this is what YOU should do”.  It’s scary as hell is what it is.  Though I’m pretty certain she was just as confused.

But I digress.

We’re all role models in some way, right?  For our kids, our nephews and nieces, our neighbors kids…as adults we are examples.

How perfect are we supposed to be?  What is too good and what are we “allowed” to screw up and get a pass on?

I eat cake for breakfast.  And I encouraged my kids to, also.  I am that mom.

They stayed up late, they ate cake for breakfast and they jumped down the stairs onto pillows and blankets.  They also ran through the house yelling.

Don’t worry.  I put an end to that whole…running with scissors thing.  You could take an eye out doing that.

A few of them played on the roof.  Still do.

Every one of them drank Mountain Dew.

Still do.


Do as I say, not as I do.

They all eat right…mostly…and work out.   I like to think I played a small part in that.

They all wear their seat belts.

I think.

Or do they?

Now I’m going to worry.  Dammit.

But if they don’t do everything right…do we insist?  Do we just insist?  Or do we say…you’ve made your choice.  Fine.

*This post has nothing to do with running.  Just parenting and the frustrations that go along with it.