Sweet list


It’s Saturday…

1.  Three day weekend.  Happiness is built right in.

2.  I managed to get the blog FB page done. It’s still a little wonky but at least it’s up and running.

3.  Sean has a job opportunity in England and if it works out (still WAY too early to tell) it would be a great little escape for him.  I see good things.

4.  Eliot came to visit.

5.  Work bought us all Jimmy Johns for lunch.  How happy is that??

6.  There was a huge shake up at work in the last two weeks.  I’m still trying to figure out the ramifications but for now we seem to be settling in a bit.   That makes for a good Friday.

7.  Anyone else remember poor?  Remember that…it’s payday and we have to juggle our bills and our money to pay things?  It was payday today.  I had my spreadsheet out to pay the bills and I had a moment of ~I’m so grateful and blessed for all my family has.  Being able to pay the bills and have money left over is a feeling like no other but you only know it and recognize it when you have been in that place where you can’t.

8.  Hearing from Alex.

9.  banks that refund ATM fees.

10.  Sean left work early today and spent the day with MT.

11.  Garage sales.  I’m going tomorrow.

12.  Christmas shopping!  I’m making my lists now.

13.  Amazing friends.  I have some.  It’s awesome.