Highlands Ranch Half Marathon Recap

#7 in the books.  And how.

Sean was determined to be at the finish line but I told him to stay home.  It was clear across Denver and it started at 7am.  So I had to leave the house at 5:15.  He didn’t even know I was gone until 6:20. Ha.

            ~Okay…I was looking for a sleepy Gif and found this cute baby.  I just really liked it.  Sue me.~

Does anyone else have that ~holy crap please tell me I have everything I need for this race~ moment before they get out of the car?  God forbid I forget my iPod, sunglasses, chapstick.  You get the picture.

The race crew was telling me the weather was going to be perfect!  A high of 84*.  Nope.  90* is the high today.  And it wasn’t kidding.  It got hot fast.


The start was at Daniels Park in Highlands Ranch.  It’s incredibly beautiful up there and the sunrise really brought the whole area a  pink/orange glow that reminds you how lucky you are to live and run here.  I put my dads gospel music on and walked around until the start.  Saying a prayer thanking God for my strong body, my faith, my blessings,  my family.  It was a great morning.

Running this race was like running the beginning of “Little House on the Prairie”.  Only without Ma and Pa.  Too bad because Michael Landon was hot.
***btw Sean…it was Carrie that fell.  I win***


There were serious, serious hills.  I, however, kicked their asses.  Pretty awesome.  I felt really strong.  I was running really strong for me and decided to continue running strong and take it one mile at a time to see how long I could hold it.

I held it until the water failed.  Yep.  The water.

This ridiculously priced half marathon  offered warm water only and in dixie cups.  No Gatorade or Powerade.  They couldn’t pour it fast enough.  It was crazy.   The fuel?  Cut up bananas, cup up bagels and orange slices.  I don’t have any interest in cut up bananas in 80* heat in a big bin.  Yuck.

When I came through the finish line…expecting water,  I got some guy wanting my shoe timing chip.  Dude.  Where’s the water?  Oh…it’s about 100 ft to your left.  Are you serious?  I’ll give you my chip when I get back from getting water.  Who the hell doesn’t give you water first?   So I go to get water and what do they have?  Warm,  slightly bigger Dixie cups.   Do you know how cheap bottled water is?   I did appreciate the very polite volunteers and staff. I’ll give them that.

When Sean delivered pizzas…years ago…he used to get a free mini pizza every night.  He couldn’t stand the sight of it and would give it to me.  Just too much pizza.  That’s how I felt when I saw the bins of..yep…you guessed it.  Bananas, oranges and bagels.  I needed to leave.    First I had to walk past all the chocolate milk and ice cream sandwiches the vendors were offering.  Insult to injury I guess.

Right about then I figured out I didn’t have any idea where the car was and I burst into tears.  First time I’ve cried after a race I think.

I came home and looked at the website for where I went wrong. I always read the fine print and I figured I missed where it said there would be bananas and such. After reading carefully I see they omitted this information and simply called them “aid stations and water stops”.  As we are in Colorado…Denver no less, it would never occur to me they would not provide the basics.  Gatorade is like Kool Aid.  You can buy it powdered for heavens sake.

My Garmin says I ran 12.95 miles and not 13.1.  I’d be interested to know if anyone else ran short of distance.

I will not be running this race again.

Robert Downey Jr. Eyeroll

Thanks for reading…it was long today.  I was passionate about my subject.  LOL


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  1. Did you run a good time though? Congrats on #7! I had no idea you had a race this weekend….I spent my weekend in the middle of nowhere, KS helping Linc battle croup again. 🙁 I should’ve run instead.

  2. I’m so sorry Linc got croup again! This is beyond crazy. Poor little thing. Seriously.

    I totally forgot to post my time. I’ll do it on today’s post!

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