Decisions decisions

So….yeah.  I think I needed a Magic 8 Ball. 

I could NOT decide between those two races.  The Denver Trail Half Marathon or the Area 13.1 Half Marathon.

After asking you guys what you thought and polling my friends at work I got…

two opinions.

LOL…just two.  I don’t have a lot of friends.

hurt feelings

But valuable nonetheless.

I was totally going for Denver until I read the forecast.  It said 95* with no chance of anything but freakin’ glaring sun all day.  It also said single track trail so no iPod at all…no exceptions.  Man…that’s a long way for me to run with no iPod.

Mostly…it was the 95*.  I’m a little gunshy.

So I pulled the trigger and opted for the Area 13.1.

And the forecast immediately went down to 88* and 30% chance of rain.  I think it’s a joke being played on me.  Like…the internet gods are watching and seeing how crazy they can make me.  I’m very close.

My co workers all said they would TOTALLY run in alien costumes it would be SO MUCH FUN!!!

Let’s all take a moment to imagine me running in a costume.

galaxy princess costume

I could be a Galaxy Princess.

Okay.  I’m kind of on board with the whole…princess thing.


If that didn’t do it, let’s just imagine me just wearing a costume.

Did they think I was FUN Tess?

Ha.  No.  I didn’t come with the FUN gene.  Silly people.  I came with the practical grown up gene.

costumes.  ::shakes head::

I have, however, loved this message since I first had it sent to me.

My dentist said I needed a crown

So pickin’ cute.

Have a great day and run on.







8 Replies to “Decisions decisions”

  1. You could go as the classy lady you are! That would truly be an alien sighting since it’s such a rarity these days!

  2. So…are you saying it would be a rarity to see me be classy?
    Are you calling me fat? 😉
    I miss your face.

    And that of Michelle, too.

  3. Hi Mary! Thanks for popping in and visiting! Yep. Single track trail. I like a little hiking but I could do some serious damage to myself running I think.
    I’ll LOOK at the alien wear from Galaxy Quest. I’ll be a sport about it. *sigh* I’ve been informed I can be a spoil sport about these things.
    I’m trying.. . 😉

  4. Hey corner of the world buddy!

    I am totes gonna be cheering you guys on at Area 13.1! I’ll be in a blue sparkle skirt (maybe a purple one, I’m not sure) at one of the water stations. If you see me, say hi! (I couldn’t afford this one but it sounded so fun that I wanted to be involved anyway.)

    PS, Target has flashing shoe laces in the dollar bins right now. Just saying. 😀

  5. Hello Miss Kat! I have two friends now named Kat! Geez. This is gonna be confusing. I don’t have that many friends. 😉

    I’m so excited you’ll be there! I’ll keep an eye out for the sparkle skirt and I’ll definitely give a shout out! You own two sparkle skirts?
    Good Lord. I’m in trouble.
    I will look at the Target dollar bins for the flashing shoe laces. I suppose I could make myself be…a participant. LOL
    I’m WORKIN’ on it.

    1. Think of it this way…with a race themed like this, if you dress “normally”, you’ll be the one standing out!

      And as soon as they get here, I’ll actually have 3 sparkle skirts…they help me remember not to take my races too seriously. Otherwise I end up not having fun and beating myself up for not being fastest (which I never am and never will be).

      1. LOL. I suppose that’s true Kat! I will totally be the one standing out. MAN. Where could I get a sparkle skirt do you suppose? haha. For the record, those suckers do NOT look comfortable.

        I’m not one for caring about my racing times too much. I compete against myself occasionally. The last race had some nice splits. But I don’t get upset if I don’t get faster. I just love the act of running, slow or not so slow. LOL. Those are my two speeds. 😉

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