oops. I forgot this…

I forgot to post my time  from the Highlands Ranch Half Marathon yesterday. 

I was waiting for the “official” time to come through.

I wanted to say a few more things.  I really wanted to stress how hard those volunteers worked.  The staff was super nice.  No complaints about that.  I know I said the race started late, that doesn’t bother me.

This is billed as a “premier race”.  I’m not sure what that entails.  I’m just thrown by this whole experience. I’ve never run a race quite like this before.

Again…my garmin puts me at 12.95 miles.  I started it on the dot at the start line and stopped it exactly at the finish.  I’m not sure where it went off but early on I noticed there was a problem.

The interesting thing is my Garmin has my time as 2:14:41 and the race has my official time as 2:16:41.  Exactly two minutes off.

Color me confused.

Here you go.
Capture 22So here’s the scoop.

Mile 6, I stopped to use the restroom.  It was a quickstop. ha.

Mile 9 I was starting to really feel the lack of water and it was getting really hot.

Mile 12 had the worst uphill ever.  I tried but I was pretty thirsty and wishing my husband were there with a big bottle of cold water.

And thirteen…same.

Then…done unexpectedly.

I really did like the course but only because I ran it so well.  Even with the hills.  So with better support and better weather…I would have loved it.