Holy cow I’m jumping in it now I think.

See how for sure I am about it?  “I think”…

I sound really on board with the whole thing, don’t I?

There’s a race…

I know!  Can you believe I’m talking about RUNNING????

It is the…

It’s in Fort Collins and it’s on September 22nd.

now if you DON’T follow the list…you won’t see the issue.

The issue is…I have a half marathon in Buena Vista on Sept 21st.

And yet…

I wanna do them both.  So what the hell.  Let’s go.


Mary commented I should look to “Galaxy Quest” for alien ideas.

Oh man.  I completely forgot “Galaxy Quest”, People.

That movie is awesome.

So I did a search and found myself enjoying a little Buzzfeed…

22 Reasons Everyone Should Love “Galaxy Quest” 


I just don’t see myself in an alien costume.  I tried really hard.


My quads  hurt.

Just stating a fact.  Just the facts, Ma’am.

Two days later.  I would like them to feel slightly better now please.

I LOVE running. ::insert sarcastic smirk here::


Michelle and I are halfway to insight.   I seriously have no idea what that means but I figure when 30 people have liked our page the heavens will open and insight will happen.


I had to pickup groceries today, speaking of the heavens.  The refrigerator was so incredibly empty, when someone opened it the light was so bright it shone like the Son of God himself was in there.  Okay…maybe just a chorus of angels.  But really…man it was bright.  MT opened it this morning and the glow from the emptiness made me crack up.  Then guilt ensued and I gave him Alex’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


Run on.