Sweet List!

sweet cake!


1Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Eye Make-Up Removal Pads They can leave an oily residue but my skin is notoriously dry so I don’t mind that plus I usually wash my face after I take my eye makeup off anyway.  For the price ~$5.49~ and the cruelty free aspect I love it.

2.  Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas (gluten free) ~ by Gluten Free Goddess Recipes…(thank you Motivational Mom for the recommendation!)  They were delicious.  And I took liberties by not following the recipe as religiously as I should.  Still great.

3.  Kicking butt at a tough race…the Highlands Ranch Half Marathon.  Conditions ultimately held me back but before that, my miles were really good.  That’s a nice feeling.
4 Finally deciding between the Denver Trail half marathon and the Area 13.1.  That took far longer than it should have.  And what a shock, the weather made the decision for me.  I feel bad for everyone running Denver Half tomorrow in the 90* heat.  I did not have it in me.

5.  Hitting 18 new likes on our FB page!!  That is pretty awesome.  I have the best friends!  I’m trying very hard to not “push” it.  Pretty sure if I reach 30 I can stop sweating it.  Maybe FB will leave me alone then.  Maybe. 😉
6.  We’ve had like…four new people comment on the blog!  That’s so fun!  I love to see all the people that are reading it and to hear what they are taking away from it.

Side note:  I hope I didn’t hit any nerves with the migraine post.  I absolutely didn’t mean to.  There were no close friends I was talking about.  Just sometimes you get that one person and BAM.  I had one conversation too many I guess.  It was a week.  Apologies to anyone I may have offended.

7Excedrin Tension without Aspirin.  It doesn’t work as well…but it does seem to help and my stomach likes it better so maybe my liver does too.  This ones for you, Mom.

8.  Cupcakes with frosting and Hot Wheels toys.  They were delicious and I ate three.  More than my share and I owe someone cake.  Probably Sean.  Sean doesn’t ever eat his right away so we have the “snooze you lose” rule.  He loses a lot.

9.  Good weekend for movies!  I’m just hangin’ at the computer, writin’ in the blog and watchin’ tv.  And havin’ bad grammar, hopin’ the Grammar Girl doesn’t read this post and judge me.   I LOVE her and am often popping onto her site for her “quick and dirty tips”.  I was reminded of her fabulousness just today when Rebekah mentioned her.  Thanks for that, Miss Rebekah!

10.  Chatfield’s Sports Bar and Grill to see a friend’s band, Bittersweet.    SO much fun and some great music.  I wish I had a link for them but they are just some good friends that get together and play in a band.  Worth seeing though.  Worth driving across town for.

11 Evian water.  I know…I know… my husband kindly pointed out (that my son already pointed out) it’s naive spelled backwards.  I just really like it.  The bottle is small and fits in my hand, it has a drinking spout, and most important…it’s delicious.  The only one I like as much…Smartwater.  Ah the irony.  Worth the splurge occasionally.

12.  Super easy crock pot dinners.  Throw it together in five minutes.  Could anything be more fabulous?  Nope. Nope. Nope.

13.  Teenagers that are completely unreasonable.  And then come back to you after 15 minutes and say they get it.  You were right and they were wrong.  Where did I get these kids that have reason?*

*post excludes Alexander* 😉