When a runner’s heart is broken.

I have a friend…

I know, can you believe it?  A friend.

I have a friend.  She’s pretty amazing and she has four…

::pausing to count::

yep.  four kids and they are  the MOST beautiful.

This woman is like…wonder woman.

She gets on our running site and posts her daily activities which usually includes her morning workouts of running in the AM as early as 4:30 or 5  in the 80* + heat ~up to 16 or 20 miles depending on what’s called for that day.

Girl is a marathoner. # Marathon Running

But then her mom duties start.  Taking her kids to games and practices and recitals and more games. And did I mention she works, too?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at her schedule for the day and not posted mine just out of shame.  Girl is doing the work of three people.

She somehow manages to get it all done and still has a marathon PR of 4:11.

She has been training for months for her marathon ~heart and soul~ and last week began what we as marathoners dread…

the weather watch.

Her goal was a sub-4 hour marathon.  She said she’d be pretty happy with a PR.

The weather was due to be 84*

It’s so sad that we as runners are such slaves to the weather we begin the watch even up to the full 10 days out.

Oh…you found a 14 day weather watch?  Hell yeah I’ll follow it.  Anything to prepare myself for what’s ahead.

Please let the weather gods be in my favor!!

Please don’t let the MONTHS of planning, the HOURS away from my family and my sleep, the MILES I put on the road (and on my shoes…oh the shoes!), be for naught.  Please let it produce a result that speaks to my dedicated work.  The training I put in towards being stronger, faster, aiming for that endurance I so need.

Race day is here and it is…

what’s the theme this year??

That’s right folks.

Hot with a side of humidity. Thankyouverymuch.

I know she’s beating herself up a it over this but really we can put the blame on…

the weather gods.

Evil bastards.

It shows nothing of her training, which I know she did spot on.  By the book.

It shows nothing of her endurance, which I know was right there.

But it shows her strong mental capacity to keep pushing through when she is tired and frustrated and her head is not in the game anymore… which is that of a true marathoner.  Keep going even when it sucks.

She’s smart and beautiful and easily one of the hardest working, most dedicated runners I know.  What an amazing example to give to your kids that she pushed through 26 miles when she just didn’t feel it today.  I’m so proud to know her.

Not just anyone can do it.  I bailed on a half this week because of the weather.  A half!  She knew it would be hot and did it anyway.

We are all at the mercy of the damn weather gods.  Any one of us could see all of our training go out the window just by getting stuck with a bad weather day.

Be it 80* +…

or pouring torrential rains…

or blizzards…

we’ve got it all for you on the road.

Perfect weather day?  Let the Snoopy dancing commence!

Snoopy Dance

And as for my friend?  Rock on, Baby.  You kick my ass any day.









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  1. Thanks so much, Melanie. What a rough day our friend had. She is capable of so much. I wish for her amazing things.

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