When the bad days surprise you by being good

This was one of those oxymoron kind of days…you know the kind where a million things seem to be going wrong but everyone has a great sense of humor about it so everyone is laughing through the misery?

Even with a serious ass migraine.

Even with all the printers/scanners/fax machines down at work.

Even when you have an 8am meeting because it’s Monday.

Those are good days.

Lip Bite


I took a break at work today.  *I never do that*

I left work to run to the grocery store and pick up some meds…my head was pretty bad.

I’m kneeling down/half squatting  in the pharmaceutical aisle looking for a particular Excedrin and I’m wearing my little black t-shirt dress and my black sandals.  All dressed up with nowhere to go.

A gentleman (about my age, maybe a few years older), comes flying around the corner and stops on a dime.  “Whoa!  Did I pick the right aisle or WHAT!” he says.  Then he immediately follows it up with, “I’m SO sorry…my mother would tan my hide for saying something so sexist but my word”.  LOL.

Now…I could be offended.  But why go there?  It’s so much work and he just didn’t mean any harm.  And frankly, my head hurt so bad I almost didn’t get it.

Then I processed it.

And I thought…huh.  I think I just got a little compliment.  It was almost sweet the way he did it.  I heard my dad’s voice saying it and I smiled.  It was a good moment.


*Not to compare myself, I just really wanted to use this gif 🙂  Could she BE anymore beautiful?


Yesterday Sean and MT brought home a quarter sheet cake…with purple trim.

Featured Product

No, not this cake.  I said purple.  And no roses.  And no “Happy Birthday”.   But it still tasted amazing and yes….

We ate it already.

Not even a little guilt here.  Nope not even.

It was delicious.

And Sean says when you sliver off a little?  It’s not really “a piece”.  It’s just a sliver.  Hell…I could sliver the whole cake away.  Bet there’s no calories either.  I love slivered calorie free cake.  It’s my favorite.


Off to run.

Treadmilling it.  I’m  pretty drugged and feeling rather…awful.  We’ll see.