Um…where did all our money go??

This is the question Sean asked me tonight.  haha.


How do I answer that…delicately.

Well…I should have gone here.

“WHAT?  Do you think all THIS (as I stand ~striking a model’s pose and sweeping my arm in a display along my sexy body~) just maintains itSELF???  This cost money, Baby!”

In his dreams. Poor guy.

I went with the truth.  He’d never have believed that anyway.

Well, he totally would have believed I POUR money into attempting  the sexy body. But we both know the truth.

The money goes to those fiends that keep taunting me.  

You KNOW you want to run THIS half marathon…it’s in the MOUNTAINS, it requires a $200 hotel room,  and it has fall leaves,  and it’s going to be fabulous!  Colorado’s Best!


I’ve been swindled.  I swear it!

Okay.  Probably not ACTUALLY swindled.  I mean.  I’ll totally get to sweat and cry and wheeze for two hours.  And my quads…oh my LORD my quads will really really hurt.  That HAS to be worth it, right? Oh…and there’s that, yeah, that t-shirt.  And that medal.  Yep.  Okay then.  Yep.  That should be worth the freaking…

::tallying the hotel, race, food, etc::

$350+ I pay for this amazing experience I will then want to repeat next year.  Yep.

I have NO idea why we have no money.  Sorry Dude.

There’s always next payday.  And I could always pull out my Christmas bonus.


don’t worry…I haven’t bled us dry.  Just…a little dusty.  😉

Run on.