September 11th.

Thoughts on the morning

  • The moments of silence on the news around the country~with the sound of “Taps” in the background brings tears to my eyes.
  • The families holding their loved ones photos up in the air saying ~ this is who I lost.  Don’t forget.  We won’t.
  • Reading the names AND messages about every lost life on 9/11.  That’s just impressive and loving.
  • The recognition of this event still twelve years later.
  • This is apparently one of many.  I wish I knew about the event sooner, what a moving tribute.   Denver’s is apparently the largest or one of the largest in the country.  Unbelievable.
  • The weather here in Denver reflects the mood of the day.  Overcast and drizzly.

Love to you and yours on this day.  May God bless you and keep you safe.