I got a surprise in the mail today…

I checked the mail today and there was a package from Rocky Mountain National Park Half Marathon…

Nice!  It must be Montana’s medal!  He placed second in his age group if you recall.

I open it up and it’s beautiful and shiny and says 3rd place women 45-49

huh. no.  Well.  Mistakes happen.

So I email Salem, the race director and seriously the nicest guy ever.  I’ve had multiple conversations with him and now know him so well I have no problem calling him Salem and throwing him an email.

I let him know…wrong medal Dude.

He immediately shoots me back an email.

Nope.  Right medal.  You took 3rd.  Congrats!

Seriously?  Random.  Okay.  Well.  Thanks.  Kind of cool.  Wish I had been faster on those hills now so I could feel like I actually earned it.  But I’ll take it anyway.

MT’s?  It’s “in the mail”.  LOL


I just finished a quick four miles on the treadmill.  I haven’t run in over a week.  I missed it SO MUCH.  I was feeling sick and sad and just not myself.  I’m still not quite right but I think after I run tomorrow I’ll be a little better.  I don’t feel like I’m eating great either (giant cake notwithstanding) so I figure a few days of fabulous salads are in my future along with some meds.  My head is unhappy.

I know I know.  What’s new.

Packet pickup tomorrow.

Eliot pickup Friday.  I can’t wait to see his squishy face.  ::say with a squishy voice::

033He got his little hair cut so now he looks like a little man instead of a baby.  I need to take new photos.


Also…I would like to hear from this guy:

017I know I’m spoiled from past deployments so I’m trying to be patient.  It’s just bummin’ me out. Gotta love this face.  Even if it’s squishier than usual. 😉 Nut.

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  1. Thanks! It was very cool! MT’s I expected. Although I suppose this is the perk to running the smaller races, right?

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