Michelle…I think?

Today was the morning of the Huntington’s Run/Walk for Hope 5k

This is an important event to Michelle and she always does a little fundraising and invites a ton of friends from FB to join her for the day.

It’s a guaranteed Michelle sighting.

Montana bailed (last year he took first for his age group so…I was surprised).

Sean and I headed out this morning and sure enough when we got there, I almost walked right past her.

It’s been awhile.

We were going to run it but somehow ended up just deciding to walk, I’m really not sure how that happened but…whatever.  So the three of us just walked and chatted.  Here’s what we covered:

  • She says I’m “wordy” in my blog and messages so she skims….uh huh.  That’s right.  Skims.  Feelin’ the love.
  • If the FaLaLa race is my last race she’ll run it with me.  Will I have enough by then?  Yes. Don’t you look at the list?  She doesn’t.  Nope. Doesn’t read the blog.  That’s right folks.
  • What an awesome mom she is and how she puts other moms to shame whether she thinks she does or not.
  • How much easier it is to feed the family when the dad is gone.  This is true for both of us.  The pressure to “make a meal” when dad is home is there but when he’s gone you can throw some food groups at them and they really don’t care.  Mother of the year but everyone is happy anyway.

We covered a million other subjects ~like the fact that her and Sean HAVE to wear the race day t shirt the DAY of the race…just to bug me~ but that might make me more wordy than I already am so…I’m shutting this puppy down.

Talk to Ya’ll later!  Must rest up a bit.  I have a race tonight!





2 Replies to “Michelle…I think?”

  1. I read the blog….just haven’t read the list since it was originally written. And I skim the emails only, because Lincoln is usually talking at the same time.
    I’m sorry that I’ve failed in the good friend department! Ill get back on track someday!

  2. Okay…I commented on this yesterday right away. I have proof. It’s in my email.

    I was saying that I was just picking on you but I didn’t mean to come across as mean picking on you. I was trying to throw a quick post out and nothing came to my head! So frustrating. So I threw that out and obviously it wasn’t worded well.

    You have told me before that Linc is usually talking while you are reading emails so I think you are excused. And um…hello…I’m the queen of skim.

    No failing! Definitely still the good friend! I update the list pretty regularly. I have to so I can allow for new races and mind changes.

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