Area 13.1…through rain or shine…or flash flood warnings

Last night was the Area 13.1 Half Marathon.

And if you live under a rock, we are also experiencing severe weather and flooding in Colorado right now.

So driving 40 minutes South, through and into a flash flood warning area, seemed foolish, risky and irresponsible.


  • I love to run at night
  • The rain stopped pouring and the sprinkling was nice to run in.
  • perfect temps
  • super quiet, not as big a turnout I suspect, so I was on the trail by myself a lot and it was a lovely quiet run for those moments
  • great volunteers, they really cheered for you at every aid station.
  • the course wasn’t too bad, a little crowded at first but nice paved trail .  I imagine the first course, before the emergency flood change,  would have been slightly less chaotic.  But it was still pretty good.
  • still managed to take third in my age group.  Slow as I was.  Go figure.
  • HUGE shout out to Aimee and Lisa.  I followed them from mile 7 to mile 12.  In that…stop following me…way.  They had a much slower pace than I like but given my “I am sick of running” attitude I just went with it


  • we were under emergency flood watch.
  • the course was changed at the last minute because a bridge was washed out.  The paved trail was great but the out and back twice was a bit disconcerting, constantly passing people.
  • there were two bridges with no guard rails at all.  They ran right over the creek and it was pretty high and fast after the rains.  The only way it was marked was with luminaries.
  • There were lots of good sized puddles, parts of the trail where the creek flooded over and created more puddles and muddy spots where the hillsides just melted down onto the sidewalk.  It was  a tad slippery on those places and it was hard to see in the dark.  Yes, I had a flashlight and used it frequently.  (Thanks Sean~I’ll give it back)
  • Due to the course change…no porta potties. I seriously had to use the restroom.  Sad panda.
  • This previous ‘con’ affected my first six miles pretty severely so I was tired and just…done.

Movie Animated Gif on Giphy

I just didn’t feel like running anymore.

  • hence my next 7.1 kind of bit.  Oh well.

Overall, I did have a good race, it was mostly a positive experience.

Official finish time was a slow and dreary 2:27:01

#8 in the books. 


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  1. I didn’t realize I’d already published this…I thought it was still pending. So I went back to edit. Geez I need to be more careful.

    I’d be way more impressed if I didn’t know there were only 200+ runners! LOL
    I’m sure if you bump the pool up to say…4000? I’m in for 13th no problem. I should so aim for that.

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