Profound loss of motivation.

Between the heat one week and the rain the following week, I didn’t run much in the last two.  Maybe that has played with my head.  I should have been at the gym or on my treadmill but one thing after another, right?

It takes so little to lose motivation.

In the back of my mind I’m thinking…I have to run two half marathons next weekend and I’m not sure how I’m going to do it.  Because I just don’t. want. to.

It’s all psychological.

Usually the miles kind of fly by.  I don’t run ahead, I just eat one mile at a time until the entire race is gone.

This time every mile dragged.  I’d get to mile two and be shocked.  Seriously?  It’s only been two miles? Thirteen seemed forever away.


It occurred to me as I was running the Alien race that it was race #8.  Maybe that’s it.  It’s like running a half marathon IN a half marathon and I’m at mile 8.  Ugh.  That is one of my toughest miles.  I really struggle with it.  Things don’t really start to get easier until 9 or 10.

So maybe it’s better that I’m getting “miles” 9 and 10 out of the way this weekend.  It’s all downhill after that, right?

I just have to figure out how to get through those miles.  I have to dig out my own motivation.  And did up a new audiobook for sure.


I’m going to just remind myself that running is a gift.   I am blessed to be able to run, to have a husband who doesn’t mind the crazy money I spend on the races, and who puts up with my crazy high maintenance self.

~I want this jacket to run in

…no…I want that jacket…

let’s go back to the car…I want the first jacket.

um…I forgot my phone…~

Seriously, patience of Job.

~Run on.  And on and on.  Because you can.