Autumn Color Run

#9 Done. 

We had a rough night at our hotel so neither of us slept well.  I wasn’t feeling the race at.all.  Like…I really didn’t even want to go.  I just wanted to go home.

We headed over to the park to pick up my packet and catch the bus and still…not feeling it.  Kissed off Sean and got on the bus.

The bus drove us the mileage up the mountain (it was a mostly downhill race though I don’t remember that from the two times I ran it before) and dropped us off.  We wandered aimlessly until someone gathered us together and said, “GO!”

*****It’s important to stop here and say…this is a bare bones race.  We go into it knowing that.  Basics only.*****

  • no chip timing
  • three (maybe four) aid stations
  • mile markers start at mile four then continue every two miles…(it’s kind of funny.  Like they can’t afford mile markers)
  • aid stations have water and an electrolyte drink I don’t remember the name of.  Also bananas and oranges…note:  the bananas were not peeled in large tubs.  Just cut in half thankthegoodLord.  *yuck highlands ranch*
  • no porta potties. (this will be important later)


*****Back to our regularly scheduled programming*****

The race guy says, “go!”   and everyone goes.  I run about twenty feet and then…I just stop. I thought…yeah.  Not doin’ it.  I’m going to walk over to the start guys and ask for a ride back to the finish.   And thinking…would this be a DNF? Or a DNS?  I’ve never heard of a DNS.  This lasted for a good minute or so.

Then I reminded myself of something I read on a blog this week and have adopted as a mantra.

“You can do hard things”

And I just went.

Not fast, but fairly consistent.  About mile 7 or 8 I absolutely HAD to use the restroom, I had been holding it the whole race.  In desperation I … *gasp* went in the bushes.  Without hurting myself I might add.  That’s for those people that know I am actually incapable of this act therefore never ever ever do it.

There were a few doozy hills and my usual issues presented themselves.  I just dealt with them and have decided they are a fact of my life.

At the finish we run down the street and turn into the park where it’s a slight uphill into the park.  I had a complete asthma attack, probably the worst I’ve had, right there in the chute.  I couldn’t even stand.  It was pretty completely embarrassing.

My time looks like 2:16 and change but that’s by my Garmin.  The “official” time is not released yet.

Predictably I have a killer migraine.  Wish I could figure out the secret to those.

No regrets. I always love this race.  It’s so beautiful.  You know those photos when you see the runner running down the country road with trees lining the road and nothing but beauty in front of her?  Yep.  That was my run today. It was unbelievable.

2 Replies to “Autumn Color Run”

  1. Maybe you needed some fun motivational signs to get you through! I’m so on it, because “only the pope can quit”. 🙂

  2. Hilarious. I LOVE that sign. God bless him. So true.
    Maybe I do need motivational signs. I’m hoping running in this beautiful weather will do the trick. This is a horrible feeling.

    Yesterday all I could think was “this was a STUPID idea!” LOL

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