Autumn Color Glitch…

So…remember that whole ~I ran through the chute and had an asthma attack that brought me to my knees thing?  Well, The Autumn Color Run doesn’t do chip timing.  They do a gun time.  From gun time to when you run through the chute and they grab your bib.

They couldn’t grab my bib because I couldn’t breathe.  So…my time is off.  I suspected it might be and now I see it is.  My Garmin shows a time of 2:16 even but the race shows a time of 2:19:19.  I was down for a long time so that would not surprise me.  *note to self:  Give up bib # AS you are gasping for air.



Though this is not where I was yesterday (I was in the mountains near Buena Vista), my run looked like this for most of the thirteen miles.  And since there were only about 200 runners…I felt like I had run right off the pages of a magazine and into the real world.  Thinking…this is where those photos are taken.  These places really do exist and they aren’t always deep inside India or the hills of Italy where real people don’t actually go because we have families and lives and jobs.

It was stunning.