Sweet List <3

Catch a falling star..

It’s Sunday and I have not done a sweet list!

Shame on me.

In all fairness, I’ve been a little busy. So let’s get started.  In no particular order:

1.  Lorna Doone’s Shortbread Cookies.  Oh my heavens I’m craving and eating these suckers like mad.

2.  Mojo Protein Bars.  Breakfast on those days I’m super late.  Although I usually have to steal it out of Alex Michael’s package to be.  Salty and sweet together.  Perfectly delicious in all its processed fabulousness.  I’m so bad.

3.  Nike Capris ~ $48 and they last for years.  I wear mine to death. #Christmasbonus

4.  Sephora.  I ventured.  I braved.  I was … approached and I didn’t run.  The result?  Fabulous makeup.  No.  I’m still not a supermodel. DAMMIT.  I want a refund.

5.  Read a few articles that say sex is good for migraines.  Shut up, really?  Huh.  Nothing about this is bad.  Except my memory. Sean says we already knew that.  *memory is the first thing to go … bummer.

6. No DNS (did not start) at the Autumn Color Run on Saturday.  Score for me!

7.  A good run in Buena Vista.  Every year, this race does not disappoint.

8.  RD’s Diner in Buena Vista.  Darling little place that just doesn’t get enough credit.  Nicest people, greatest curly fries.  For the record, they are more like curly chips.  Oh my they are good.

9.  Sean.  Because he’s always updating my blog and fixing all the little tweeks I ask him to.  He is awesome.

10.  Alex sent a random text message.  At least I know he’s still out there somewhere.  In the universe.  Or the Indian Ocean.

11.  Sir Eliot is hilarious and I got to spend three days with him this week!  In my imagination life, I take care of him every day.  In real life I have to be a bank teller.

12.  I lost my patience with my hair this week and decided to cheat on my hairdresser and cut it off.  The sweetness?  I didn’t do it.  Yep.  Still have my hair.  It’s still not great but it’ll wait for dear Anna.

13.  We went out to breakfast with the family this morning and after breakfast we had pie.  Yep.  Pie.  And it was Sean’s idea.  I’ve turned him to the dark side.