Does anybody really like Quinoa?

Probably.  I suspect I’m the outsider.

I have tried it twice now…and…yuck.

I know you’re supposed to try things like…eight times to like it but I’m already dreading the next six times.



And while we’re at it…what’s with overnight oats?


Watching the voice and loving all of it.  Sogoodsogoodsogood.

*Christina is so much nicer now*


Migraines are kick ass bad this week.  So is my eating so…maybe they’re connected?  #rocketscience


My desire to go to school came back today.  I should register quick.  QUICK.


Oh well.  Maybe next time.


Sean and I filled out home refinance “paperwork” on the computer. Good Lord.  I DO need to go to college.  Just for that experience.


I’ve been texting with Alex Michael and I can’t tell you the relief to at least hear from him.  Regular information is above and beyond.


Well done is better than well said #Running #Motivationsource


This is for Miss Reggie.  😉




2 Replies to “Does anybody really like Quinoa?”

  1. Yeah…MT mentioned your love of it. *shudder* I’m going to try it again but I keep “forgetting” to buy it at the store. I have everything else for the recipe. Huh…maybe I’ll have to try the recipe with rice instead. hahahha.
    Whatever…I’ll PROBABLY get some.

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